The National Golf Academy of India is the first accredited programme for teaching professionals in the country. The programme is supported by the Indian Golf Union, The R&A and the PGA of Europe. Since it's inception in 2004 the NGAI has accredited 275 teaching professionals from all over Inda and the neighbouring countries. In 2008 it established it's first centre in Chandigarh at the CGA from where it has been operating ever since.

The programme offers all individuals who are desirous of becoming teaching professionals the opportunity to attend training programmes to learn how to teach the game of golf. Through a system of testing and examination all individuals are graded From Class D to Class A with Class A being the highest level one can currently achieve vide this programme.

The programme was established with great help from Dr. Donato Di ponziano, Deputy chairman PGA of Europe who was sent here with the help of the R&A to assist the IGU in establishing this programme. Thanks to the efforts of many individuals, this programme is today providing many young golfers the opportunity to learn the game correctly from the very beginning under the able guidance of properly trained teaching professionals.

Teaching Courses for 2014



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