1. To improve the standard of Indian golf including those of teachers, players, trainers, referees, course managers etc.
  2. To run a national program of continuous education for Teaching Professionals.
  3. To grade and certify Teaching Professionals.
  4. To be the training centre for the Indian National Squads and the Elite Player Development Programme.
  5. To train individuals on the Rules of Golf and certify National Level Referees in conjunction with the R&A.
  6. To be the centre for education in Golf and its related subjects like Physical and Mental Training, Course Management & Setup, Green Keeping, Sports Medicine etc.
  7. To be a resource centre for training aids and equipment, reference library, etc.
  8. To establish academies in all geographical zones of the country.
  9. To train and certify teaching professionals and referees and provide expertise and related services, on request, to National Golf Organisations in the Asian region.